2024 Committees

AHIA offers a variety of volunteer opportunities

Volunteering strengthens your ties within your profession and broadens your support network, exposing you to people with common interests and resources. Volunteer opportunities are posted throughout the year to AHIA’s Connected Community.

Executive Committees

Executive Committee

Tammy Rice, Chair
Heather Zundel, Vice Chair
Calece (Cally) Cass, Secretary/Treasurer
Christy Decker-Weber, Past Chair

Nominating Committee

Christy Decker Weber, Chair

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Membership & Awards Committee (MAC)

Mary Jane (MJ) Schroeder, Committee Chair
Calece (Cally) Cass
Kyle Brewster
Susan Fredrick
Louise Garret
Laura Hooper
Sherry Tomaine
Ashley Warlick
Ryan Willhite
LaTonya Wilson
Amy Smith, Board Liaison

Marketing Committee

Ashley Warlick, Committee Chair
Calece (Cally) Cass
Johan Lidros
Vicky Gabbai
Eric Kristofic
Jeannie O’Donnell
Brandon Passon
Mike Witeck
John Fortune
Jade Rober
Kelly Loya
Mary Thomas, Board Liaison

Annual Partners & Affiliations Committee

Beth Schindler, Committee Chair
Angelle Granier
Tammy Rice, Board Liaison


Annual Conference Committee

Jonathan West, Committee Chair
Susan Thomas, Pre-Conference/Workshops
Michelle Elliott, Keynote Speakers
Michelle Leatherwood, Track: Core Audit Skills
Lisa Litwiller, Track: Care Settings & Healthcare Operations
Suzanne Applegate, Track: Compliance
Tammy Tisdale, Track: IT/Security
Hayley Oakes, Track: Revenue Cycle & Health Plans
Greg Newton, Track: Emerging/Advanced Topics
Darryl Rhames, Board Liaison
Tammy Rice, AHIA Chair – Advisory Member  

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CAE Roundtables & Regionals Committee

Ruth Bartholomew, Committee Chair
Tammy Rice, Board Liaison

Virtual Learning

Virtual Learning Committee

Susan Smoger, Committee Chair
Lisa Robbins
Darrell Goolsby
Jerod Holloway, CHIAP, Board Liaison

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Webinars Sub-Committee

Lisa Robbins, Sub-Committee Chair
Ryan Dodson
Julia Fiorio
Melissa Jolly-Sprague, CHIAP
Hayley Oakes

Sue Smoger

Tech Talk Sub-Committee

Darrell Goolsby, Sub-Committee Chair
Sue Smoger
Adam Grantham
John Lefter, CHIAP
Johan Lidros
Mark Stacey
Thomas Tharp

Professional Practices

Professional Practices Committee

Mike Michalowicz, Committee Chair
Alicia Capps
Nadine Alliance Estiverne
John Fortune
Megan DeVries, Board Liaison


Publications Committee

Alan Henton, Committee Chair
Bob Michalski
Fatimah Muhammad
Megan DeVries, CHIAP, Board Liaison

Editorial Board

Bob Michalski, CHIAP, Chair
Cavell Alexander, CHIAP
Robin Cannon, CHIAP
Angela Fearon
Samantha Frost, CHIAP
Alton Knight, Jr., CHIAP
Joanna Rakers, CHIAP
Sheila Limmroth
Amy Lee Smith, CHIAP
Jared Soileau
Scott Thompson, CHIAP
Joshua Wallner
Jonathan West
Michael Fabrizius, CHIAP, Editor in Chief, New Perspectives
Jen Conley, Co-Editor in Chief, New Perspectives
Megan DeVries, CHIAP, Board Liaison

e-News Sub-Committee

Fatimah Muhammad  – Chair
Megan Devries – Vice Chair
Mark Dykstra
Megan Schwarte
Lisa Litwiller
Leslie Boles
Heather Zundel
Todd Nass
Melaney Scott
Darryl Rhames
Simonne Paul

White Paper Sub-Committee

Alan Henton, Sub-Committee Chair
Valerie Mattas
Debi Weatherford, CHIAP
Laura Sak-Castellano

Jen Conley, Board Liaison


Certification Committee

Stephen Ford, Jr., CHIAP, Committee Chair
Lisa Litwiller, CHIAP
Nicole Phifer
Larry Wallis, CHIAP
Valla Wilson, CHIAP
Debbie Weatherford, CHIAP, Sub-Committee Chair
Renee Jaenicke, Board Liaison

Candidate Application Review Sub-Committee

Nicole Phifer, Sub-Committee Chair
Holly Atkins, CHIAP
Mary Jo Gray, CHIAP
Justin Hissom
Angie Stuckey, CHIAP
Charles Wright

Item Writer Sub-Committee

Debi Weatherford, CHIAP, Sub-Committee Chair
Suzanne Applegate, CHIAP
Jill Baron, CHIAP
John Byrd, CHIAP
Sabine Charles, CHIAP
Darlene FitzPatrick, CHIAP
Johan Lidros
Kathryn Patterson, CHIAP
Elizabeth Uhlrich, CHIAP
Beth Vilches, CHIAP
Larry Wallis, CHIAP
Valla Wilson, CHIAP

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