The AHIA respects the privacy interests of our members and those using the AHIA website. As a ‎result, the following Privacy Statement appears on the AHIA website and governs all use of private ‎information.‎

The Association of Healthcare Internal Auditors, Inc. (“AHIA”) respects your privacy interests. ‎During our day-to-day operations we may receive information from you that you consider private ‎and/or personal. This information may include, but is not limited to: your name, addresses, phone ‎number, e-mail address, membership in other organizations, and communication preferences ‎‎(“Personal Information”). This Privacy Statement describes the Personal Information we collect, our ‎use of it, and the procedures you can use to access, correct, or request the deletion of it from our ‎records.‎


AHIA does not collect Personal Information unless you give it to us. If you apply for an AHIA ‎membership via our website, we will collect and retain the information you submit. Our Internet ‎servers, however, collect certain non-personal information from you when you visit our website. ‎This information includes the operating system and web browser you use.‎


AHIA may use and/or disclose your Personal Information in a few ways connected to your use of ‎this website. AHIA may use it to send you specific, targeted information that may be of interest to ‎you. We may use your contact information, such as your e- mail address, to confirm receipt of your ‎registration on our website, to confirm receipt of your membership order, or for other similar ‎purposes. We may use aggregated information, which does not identify you personally, for ‎advertising, marketing, promotional and other purposes. Except for your Personal Information, any ‎other information you submit to AHIA via this website such as questions, comments, suggestions ‎and/or ideas, shall become AHIA’s exclusive property. AHIA may use this information for any ‎purpose whatsoever without restriction and without any compensation to you. You may elect not ‎to receive special offers, promotions, or mailings from third parties at any time. Once you make ‎such an election, we will not provide your Personal Information to any other person or entity. ‎However, we reserve the right to transfer your Personal Information in connection with a change in ‎ownership of this company or its assets. Absent such an election, you will receive special offers, ‎promotions, or mailings from third parties. The information practices of any other website linked to ‎AHIA are not covered by this Privacy Statement and are not the responsibility of AHIA. Finally, we ‎may also disclose your Personal Information as described below under the heading “Security”.‎


Our website uses “cookies” and other technologies on the website. Cookies are small sets of ‎information stored on your computer in connection with your use of our website. We use cookies ‎to store temporary individual user information concerning your use of this site. We may also use ‎information gathered by cookies and other technologies to measure certain traffic patterns on our ‎website or for similar purposes. A user does not need to have the cookie function of their web ‎browser turned on in order to use our website. If you use a link from our site to another site, or if ‎you arrived at our site through a link from another site, it is also possible that these other sites may ‎place a cookie or other identifier on your computer. We do not control and are not responsible for ‎the use of cookies or other identifiers by anyone else.‎


If you want to see the Personal Information, we have collected about you from this website, or, if ‎you believe any information, we have is incorrect and you wish to correct it, please contact us using ‎the link at the bottom of each page on this website. If we change information in response to your ‎request, we will not continue to use outdated information; if we delete information in response to ‎your request, we will not continue to use the deleted information. However, as a result of your ‎request, some residual information may remain in our backup records or in our records of such ‎changes and/or deletions.‎


We use efforts consistent with sound industry practice, such as firewalls and encryption, to ‎safeguard the confidentiality of your Personal Information. Given the nature of the Internet, ‎however, we cannot ensure complete security and we are not responsible for any breach of security ‎or for the actions of any person or entity other than AHIA. In addition, we cooperate with law ‎enforcement inquiries, we obey court orders, and we honor subpoenas and other legal process. ‎Your Personal Information may be disclosed if we are compelled by law or by legal process to disclose ‎it. We may also disclose such information if we determine, in our sole discretion, that disclosure ‎would be useful in connection with investigating possible non-compliance either with the law or ‎with any AHIA policy, including our Terms of Use or this Privacy Statement. Although we take ‎precautions against security breaches, hackers pose a threat to any Internet user, and the legal and ‎regulatory status of matters on the Internet are uncertain both in the United States and abroad. For ‎these reasons, we cannot guarantee that any portion of your Personal Information will never be ‎disclosed in ways you do not expect or in ways that are not described in this Privacy Statement. We ‎will make commercially reasonable efforts to see that your information is treated in compliance ‎with this Privacy Statement.‎


Children under the age of 18 should not send their Personal Information to us. AHIA does not ‎knowingly collect Personal Information from children under the age of 18. If we learn that we have ‎collected such information (from a child under 18 and without parental consent) it will be deleted ‎from our records as soon as reasonably possible.‎


As our business grows and changes, and as technology and Internet use and practices change, AHIA ‎may, from time to time, determine that changes in its policies, potentially including this Privacy ‎Statement, are prudent. If any such changes are made, they will be posted on this web site. ‎Therefore, you should review AHIA’s Privacy Statement and other policies posted on this site for ‎potential changes when you return to this site for future visits.

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