Are you prepared for the CHIAP®​ Certification Exam?

Build on your valuable years of work experience!

While challenging, the CHIAP® Certification exam is designed for professionals with at least two years of experience in healthcare internal auditing. A candidate with more than three years of experience in healthcare internal auditing, is well on their way to passing the CHIAP® Certification Exam! Let your work experience guide your exam preparation journey. Start with the Body of Knowledge Outline and identify your strengths and weaknesses. 

Sample Examination Questions
Test your knowledge by viewing sample evaluation questions. 

The CHIAP Certification Exam consists of 175 multiple choice questions, including 150 scored items and 25 unscored items for use on future exam forms. Candidates will have four hours to complete the exam.  Each item in the examination was carefully developed in accordance with the Body of Knowledge (BOK) established from a job analysis study of the healthcare internal audit industry.

The BOK is guided by overarching internal audit principles, as well as principles for compliance and privacy. These principles are applied in the acute care, post-acute care, ambulatory care, and health plan settings. The exam items are distributed among the BOK topics, which cover four categories: Business Aspects of Care Setting, Revenue Cycle, Regulatory Environment, and Core Business Functions

See the candidate handbook to review the complete BOK outline.

CHIAP Exam Discussion Groups

These 60-minute discussion groups will walk you through resources and approaches to apply as you prepare to study and sit for the CHIAP® exam, including the opportunity to interact with panelists who passed the exam as they share their experiences in preparing and sitting for the exam. Come with questions and be ready to learn what worked for others.

CHIAP Exam Resources & Strategies Webinar​

This 60-minute webinar recording was originally presented in October 2020. It is the perfect first step to your CHIAP exam preparation. Presenter Debbie Radke will walk you through how the exam content was developed, provide an overview of the Body of Knowledge structure, share resources for your study, and discuss exam taking strategies. Additionally, successful exam takers Cynthia Holland and Beth Uhlrich will share their perspectives and discuss what worked for them.

Follow-Up with the Eight-Part Body of Knowledge Webinar Series!

This popular eight-part webinar series covers, at a high level, key points for topics included in the Body of Knowledge upon which the CHIAP exam is based. It is not intended to teach to the exam, but to the AHIA Body of Knowledge of healthcare internal auditing.

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