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Healthcare internal auditing has been adopted as one of the cornerstones of corporate governance and requires specialized knowledge and skills. As the premier healthcare internal audit organization, AHIA is proud to offer the CHIAP Certification. Show potential employers your commitment and expertise by adding CHIAP® Certification to your resume.

You can access the online Certification Management System (CMS) through the AHIA website and document evidence of meeting the eligibility requirements, which are:

Education and Professional Work Experience

  • Bachelor’s Degree, with at least 2 years of experience working in the internal audit profession within the prior 10 years, and at least 2 years of experience working in a health care setting within the prior 5 years,
  • Associate’s Degree, with at least 5 years of experience working in the internal audit profession within the prior 10 years, and at least 2 years of experience working in a health care setting within the prior 5 years
  • No Degree; Applicants who do not have a degree may submit an application, but must demonstrate a total of 10 years of combined healthcare internal audit experience.


Applicant will be required to upload employment verification forms from employers at the time of application.

Code Of Ethics
Attest that you will abide by the AHIA Code of Ethics and agree to the Statement of Understanding

The CHIAP application windows are open twice a year. The spring application window is open February-March. The fall application window is open August-September.

 All approved applicants will be notified by email within two to four weeks after the application is submitted. Once approved, candidates will have two years to sit for the exam.

The CHIAP Certification Exam consists of 175 multiple choice questions, including 150 scored items and 25 unscored items for use on future exam forms. Candidates will have four hours to complete the exam. Each item in the examination was carefully developed in accordance with the Body of Knowledge established from a job analysis study of the healthcare internal audit industry. 

The CHIAP Certification Exam is offered via online proctored testing, through our testing partner, Certification Management Services. Learn more about the testing process in the CHIAP Candidate Handbook.

Exam results will be available immediately after the exam is completed. A candidate may retake the exam two additional times during their two-year examination eligibility period (i.e., the date an applicant is notified their application has been approved).

 The cost to apply for and take the CHIAP exam is $495 for AHIA members and $745 for non-members. A candidate may retake the examination during their eligibility period at a cost of $150. The cost to renew a certification is $100 for AHIA members and $150 for non-members. A complete fee schedule is published in the CHIAP Candidate Handbook available on the AHIA website.

The CHIAP Certification Exam is a challenging competency-based exam designed to measure candidates’ knowledge, skills, and abilities specific to internal auditing in the healthcare industry, as outlined in the AHIA Body of Knowledge (BOK). The primary and most important preparation for the certification exam
is your hands-on healthcare internal auditing experience. Review the BOK Outline and utilize AHIA’s
educational materials, including:


  • Body of Knowledge 8-part Webinar Series recordings
  • AHIA’s Virtual Learning Audit Resource Center, which includessome reference materials, which are aligned with the fundamental concepts and skills expected of a healthcare internal auditorto support the CHIAP BOK.
  • Sample Exam Questions
  • CHIAP Exam Discussion Groups


Learn more about these exam preparation resources on the AHIA website.

 40 credits of CPE must be completed over two years in eligible education programs, including two credits in ethics, with at least 10 credits earned per year.

Your CPE Renewal Cycle begins, January 1 of the following calendar year after you are certified. At that time, you can report CPE activities directly in the Certification Management System in your Certification Profile. 

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