AHIA Outstanding Service Award

The AHIA Outstanding Service Award

The AHIA Outstanding Service Award may be presented periodically at the Annual Conference to any individual(s) or organization(s), who need not be members of AHIA, to recognize their substantial support of AHIA and their achievement of professional excellence.

Criteria: Candidates may have served AHIA in only one capacity or one year but their endeavor(s) demonstrated a significant contribution in furthering the mission and/or goals of AHIA.  Individuals considered for this award need not be an AHIA member.  Contributions include, but are not limited to, demonstrated expertise in AHIA Body of Knowledge and sharing that expertise with fellow members through educational presentations (conference, seminars, webinars, etc.); contributing materials to the Audit Library; writing articles for AHIA publications; and /or actively contributing to e-resources such as the Connected Community and/or Tech Talk.  Consideration would also be given to an individual who helps with any AHIA strategic initiative in the past year.  

The award may be received no more frequently than every five years. AHIA Board members are not eligible for the award during their board term. A two-thirds affirmative vote of Board members is needed to name a recipient. There may be a single, multiple, or no recipients of the award in any given year. 

Past Winners:

  • 2023 – Cally Cass
  • 2022 – Michelle Elliott
  • 2021 – Susan ‘Sue’ Smoger
  • 2020 – Jackye Thompson
  • 2019 – Darryl Rhames
  • 2018 –¬†Jennifer McGill
  • 2017 – Beth Schindler, CIA, CPA, CISA
  • 2016 – Heidi Crosby
  • 2015 – Debra Muscio
  • 2013 – Renee Jaenicke
  • 2012 – Deborah Radke
  • 2011 – Steve Gasparich
  • 2010 – Phyllis Hall
  • 2009 – Amy Greenhoe
  • 2008 – Karen Young and Debi Weatherford
  • 2007 – Joyce Lang
  • 2006 – Glenn Mueller
  • 2005 – Debra Keppler
  • 2002 – G. Randolph Just
  • 1991 – Phyllis G. Woodford¬†
  • 1986 – Edwin A. Sites and Bette Charlene Werne