New Perspectives Article of the Year Award

New Perspectives Article of the Year Award 

Purpose: The purpose of the Article of the Year award is two-fold: 

  • To encourage submission of quality articles relevant to the current issues of healthcare internal auditing. 
  • To recognize a contributing author(s) whose article is considered exceptional in meeting the needs of AHIA members. 


  • Original unpublished articles authored by an AHIA member(s). The author must be an active member of AHIA on the scheduled publication date of the article. 
  • Eligible articles must have been published in a New Perspectives (NP) edition within the last 12 months prior to June of the current calendar year; (i.e. the six issues subsequent to the prior year’s voting)
  • An article authored by multiple authors, where at least one author is an AHIA member, is eligible for the award. 
  • Articles authored by any of the following are not eligible: 
    • Sitting members of the Editorial Board. 
    • Sitting members of the Publications Committee. 
    • Sitting members of the AHIA Board of Directors. 

The Article of the Year is awarded annually at the discretion of the Editorial Board. The Editorial Board may elect not to bestow an award in those instances when the Editorial Board members determine articles have not met the intended purpose of the award. 

Presentation: The award will be presented at the Annual Conference. 

Voting: Sitting Editorial Board members may vote for the Article of the Year award. Exceptions: 

  • Editorial Board members are recused from voting when a member of their staff or their immediate organization is under consideration for the award. 
  • The AHIA Board of Directors liaison to the Editorial Board is not eligible to vote. 
  • Association management support staff are not eligible to vote. 

Award Criteria 

  • Relevance: Is the article a current and relevant audit-related healthcare topic? 
  • Informative: Is the article meaningful and useful to our readers? 
  • Objectivity: Is the article constructive and instructive? 
  • Style: Is the article clear, concise and easy to read?

Selection Process: The process is directed by the Editor who will determine which published articles meet qualification consideration. Articles will be made available to voting members of the Editorial Board accompanied by a ballot. Editorial Board members will evaluate each article and vote for their top 3 choices. The Editor will tabulate the votes and announce to the Editorial Board the award recipient. The Editorial Board Chair will then inform the Membership and Awards Committee of the voting outcome for their confirmation and recommendation for approval of the award by the AHIA Board of Directors. Upon confirmation of award approval by the Board, the Editor or Editorial Board Chair will inform the award recipient. The Association management staff will prepare the award in time for the Annual Conference. 

The Award: The award may vary from time to time at the discretion of the MAC with AHIA Board of Directors concurrence. The award is one complimentary or discounted annual conference registration and a plaque commemorating the award. Co-contributing authors, as applicable, will receive the same award. The complimentary or discounted conference registration must be used for the annual conference in the year succeeding the award. 

Past Winners:

  • 2023 – Pegeen E. McGowan, CPA CHIAP
  • 2022 – Daisha Ngo, CRMA, CISA, CPA
  • 2021 – Kenneth Heskett
  • 2020 – Thomas Tharp
  • 2019 – Francis Grabowski Jr., Ryan Hayden and Wayne Lombardi, PwC
  • 2018 – Beth Schindler and Julie Griffin 
  • 2017 – Adam Ross, CIA, CISA, Grant Thornton 
  • 2016 – Gary Flaming and Deborah Burton
  • 2015 – Sheila Limmroth
  • 2014 – Phyllis Patrick, MBA, FACHE, CHC
  • 2013 – Jennifer McGill and Tom Valiquette
  • 2012 – Gail Hormats (Member) and Feline O’Gorman (Non-Member)
  • 2011 – Bryon Neaman (Member)
  • 2010 – Chase Whitaker (Member) and John Schilling (Non-Member)
  • 2009 – Ken Owens (Member) and Kathy Matzka (Non-Member)
  • 2008 – Michael Holper (Member) and Christine L. Warner (Non-Member)
  • 2007 – Steve Rinaldi (Member), Frederick Julien (Non-member) and David Frank (Non-member)
  • 2006 – Roger T. Brown
  • 2005 – Daniel Clayton
  • 2004 – Dorri McGhee
  • 2002 – Kelly Nueske
  • 2001 – Elizabeth Schoen
  • 2000 – Darlene Mitchell

*Non-Member Author of the Year added in 2007