Past Conferences

AHIA hosts an annual conference each year featuring educational and networking opportunities.

  • 2022 Miami
    41st Annual Conference, The Heat is on in Healthcare Internal Auditing”

  • 2021 Virtual Conference
    40th Annual Conference, “The Vaccine for Your Healthcare Internal Audit Risks”

  • 2020 Virtual Conference
    39th Annual Conference, “Moving the Needle: The Future of Healthcare Internal Auditing”

  • 2019 Nashville
    38thAnnual Conference, “Harmonizing the Complexities of Healthcare Internal Auditing”

  • 2018 San Diego
    37thAnnual Conference, “Healthcare Auditing: Weathering Change and Keeping Risks at Bay”

  • 2017 Boston
    36thAnnual Conference, “Revolutionary Healthcare Audit Advancements: Rooted in History, Ready for the Future”

  • 2016 Atlanta
    35th Annual Conference, “Come on Down to Georgia with Healthcare Audit on Your Mind”

  • 2015 Portland
    34th Annual Conference, “Get Hip to Healthcare”

  • 2014 Austin
    33rd Annual Conference, “Deep in the Art of Auditing”

  • 2013 Chicago
    32nd Annual Conference, “Excellence in Auditing, Assurance & All That Jazz”

  • 2012 Philadelphia
    31st Annual Conference, “Independence and Beyond: Assurance, Insight and Value”

  • 2011 San Diego 
    30th Annual Conference, “Lighting the Way to Healthcare’s Future”

  • 2010 Baltimore
    29th Annual Conference, “One Vision, Many Perspectives: Today’s Healthcare Audit Community”

  • 2009 San Diego
    28th Annual Conference, “Charting a Course for Excellence”

  • 2008 Denver
    27th Annual Conference, “Climbing New Heights”

  • 2007 San Diego
    26th Annual Conference, “Raising the Bar”

  • 2006 Orlando
    25th Annual Conference, “Aim to Achieve”

  • 2005 Nashville
    24th Annual Conference, “Get in Tune”

  • 2004 Las Vegas
    23rd Annual Conference, “The Winning Hand”

  • 2003 Orlando
    22nd Annual Conference, “Achieving A Healthy Balance…doing the right things…doing things right”