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March 2020: From the Chair
Just a week ago, I had a much different column ready for the March edition of AHIA’s e-News.  Now, as we face an unprecedented world health pandemic, I am thinking of you and the personal and professional impact of navigating COVID-19 containment and mitigation strategies. Being in healthcare, our organizations are on the front lines of responding to this crisis.  The speed of change has greatly accelerated and we are being bombarded with updates and sometimes conflicting information.
I encourage all members, event attendees, and others to stay on top of developments regarding the coronavirus, heed any guidance or directives from authorities in your area, and practice appropriate protective health measures. AHIA is closely monitoring the coronavirus situation, relying on credible information from respected organizations, including the World Health Organization (WHO), the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and other federal, state, and local agencies in the United States and globally.
From a business continuity perceptive, AHIA remains open for business, with all recommended safety protocols in place. Our association management staff has always had remote work capabilities and will continue to cover AHIA operations, customer service, virtual learning and more without disruption. 
The 39th AHIA Annual Conference is scheduled for September 20-23, 2020 in Seattle.  Registration will open as planned in April.  I have seen the conference program, developed under the leadership of Jackye Thompson and the members of Annual Conference Planning Committee, and it is EXTRAORDINARY!  The AHIA Board of Directors continues to closely monitor the Covid 19 situation and is discussing all contingencies.  With the conference being in the fall, we have the benefit of time to continue watching as it unfolds.   Rest assured that we will take the appropriate steps to safeguard our members once the path becomes clear. In the meantime,  you are safe to plan ahead and register in April knowing that we will keep you informed.
Your AHIA Board, Committee leaders and staff are here for you and want to ensure you are taking good care of yourself, your families and those you serve. The American Psychological Association website has excellent material on coping resources for dealing with this pandemic. 

We will be posting other resources  for you on the AHIA website shortly. Stay calm, practice good physical and social hygiene techniques.  Thank you for your support.  Should you have any questions, always feel empowered to reach out to us at [email protected].
Mary Jo Flynn
AHIA Board Chair

February 2020: From the Chair
MJFlynn-2019-(1).jpgFebruary is the shortest month of the year. Even though 2020 is a leap year, giving us an extra day this month, it doesn't mean that February is not one of the busiest months of the year. Leap day itself is a corrective measure adopted the world over because the earth does not orbit the sun precisely in 365 days. This extra day could be considered a gift.  I suggest we all take a moment to consider how to put it to the best possible use.  
What will you do with your extra day?
I encourage you deepen your engagement with AHIA and your healthcare internal audit peers.  Volunteers are the fuel that power professional associations. With every new volunteer, AHIA grows more energized, more diverse and inclusive, and better equipped to reach our common goals.  It being our goal to empower tomorrow's healthcare internal audit leaders through professional growth opportunities, we are pleased to offer a variety of ways for our members to get involved, from short-term opportunities to ongoing committees, task forces, and board service. As an association, AHIA is very fortunate to have a wealth of talented professionals driving our activities in triple figures, but we can always use more hands and fresh blood, especially with membership at an all-time high for January 2020.  To discuss the opportunities, contact [email protected] with your interest.
Speaking of volunteering, your Board of Directors recently returned from a two-day, in-person meeting in Seattle to discuss organizational strategy, committee alignment, adaptability, communication tactics, priorities and resource allocation. The collective AHIA Committee leadership is off to a running start, equipped with the freshly approved budget for 2020, and the charge of developing the tactics toward the achievement our strategic commitments, which include:

  • Expanding Membership
  • Collaborating with Like-minded Stakeholders
  • Growing Revenue Streams
  • Enhancing Education Programs
  • Supporting Certification

When you’re an AHIA volunteer you are part of a vibrant community of dedicated people working together successfully for real change in our profession. Make the “leap” this year and join us as an active volunteer.
Mary Jo Flynn
AHIA Board Chair

January 2020: From the Chair
MJFlynn-2019.jpgWelcome to 2020! I am very humbled to be your AHIA Board Chair this year. It is an honor to serve you, this wonderful association, and the profession of healthcare internal auditing.

Your board has been hard at work! A new budget has been approved, orientation for new Board members conducted, and year end financials are in process. All the usual new year activities are in full swing and on track.

Right now, we are prepping for our in-person board meeting that will be held later this week in Seattle, the site of the 2020 AHIA 39th Annual Conference. While there, we will discuss future strategies and tactics to continue to strengthen the benefits AHIA brings to our members.

You can expect to see some exciting changes from AHIA this year, specifically at the Annual Conference. We will implement badge scanning, online CPE tracking/certificates and more to modernize our technologies for attendee and presenter ease of use. Gone is the flurry of the five-page, duo-carbon CPE tracking form stapling frenzy that traditionally ended the conference. We will keep you posted on the improvements and hope you will join us there. Save the dates, September 20-23, 2020 at the Seattle Grand Sheraton.

I also encourage you to get involved this year. It takes a village to make any association evolve. I have been enriched personally and professionally from my engagement with AHIA. There are so many ways to contribute... You can volunteer on a committee, write an article, present a webinar, “like” an AHIA social media post, get advice on the Connected Community or get CHIAP certified. Your participation is very welcome in any way that works for you. Reach out to our Executive Director, Michelle, at 303-919-4585 or [email protected] to discuss the opportunities anytime!

Thank you for the privilege of being your Board Chair. I have been in leadership long enough to know that leaders don't always get to pick the issues that come across our desks. No matter what challenges present, I want our members to know that the Board of Directors is here to make decisions in the best interests of you and the profession. Your opinions and concerns always matter. Please reach out to us at any time.

Mary Jo Flynn
AHIA Board Chair