Exam Preparation

Are you prepared for the CHIAP® Certification Exam?

The best preparation is your valuable years of work experience!
While challenging, the CHIAP® Certification exam is designed for professionals with at least 2 years of experience in healthcare internal auditing. A candidate with more than 3 years of experience in healthcare internal auditing, is well on their way to passing the CHIAP Certification Exam!

Sample Examination Questions
Click here to test your knowledge by viewing sample evaluation questions. 

Body of Knowledge Webinar Series

Back by high demand, this eight-part webinar series covers, at a high level, key points for topics included in the Body of Knowledge upon which the CHIAP exam is based.  It is not intended to teach to the exam, but to the AHIA Body of Knowledge of healthcare internal auditing. Learn more and register  here!

Exam Content

The CHIAP Certification Exam consists of 175 multiple choice questions to be completed in a four (4) hour time limit. Each item in the examination was carefully developed in accordance with the BOK established from a job analysis study of the healthcare internal audit industry. This study was implemented and analyzed with the assistance of our exam vendor, PSI, by the AHIA Job Analysis Advisory Committee.

The BOK is guided by overarching internal audit principles, as well as principles for compliance and privacy. These principles are applied in the acute care, post-acute care, ambulatory care, and health plan settings. The exam items are distributed among the
BOK topics, which cover four categories: Business Aspects of Care Setting, Revenue Cycle, Regulatory Environment, and Core Business Functions, shown in Exhibit 1 below.
 Exhibit 1 – Healthcare Internal Audit Body of Knowledge

After significant analysis and discussion, a detailed content outline was developed, encompassing 45 tasks and 80 topics. Exhibit 2 specifies the industry knowledge
that is relevant to a healthcare internal auditor.

Exhibit 2 – Industry Knowledge Specifications

The exam questions will integrate the internal audit tasks that are summarized in
Exhibit 3 with the healthcare BOK (Exhibit 1). For example, a question might ask
about risk assessment when performing a radiology operational audit. Exhibit 3
shares an example of examination task specifications.
Exhibit 3 – Examination Task Specifications- Example

In addition to content development, cognitive complexity of the content was considered. Exam questions will require the candidates to demonstrate recall, application, or analysis level thinking.

These exam specifications were used in the design of an examination with 150 items, which contribute to your score, as well as 25 pre-tested items, which are included in the examination for evaluation of the validity of the exam. Pre-tested questions will not contribute to your score.
Going forward the AHIA Certification Committee will continue to administer and oversee the CHIAP Certification Program, ensuring a bank of questions for future certification exams is maintained.  Additionally, on a bi-annual basis the Committee will re-assess the current exam pool and revise the exam content.

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