About CHIAP Certification

Advance Your Career with the CHIAP
® Certification!

Healthcare internal auditing has been adopted as one of the cornerstones of corporate governance. As the premier healthcare internal audit organization, AHIA is the perfect match to develop the Certified Healthcare Internal Audit Professional® (CHIAP®) credential.

In 2019, AHIA proudly introduced the inaugural class of 275 Certified Healthcare Internal Audit Professionals. These certificants have set the bar for the CHIAP Certification Program and have proven their competency, skill and dedication to the profession by obtaining the only certification unique to healthcare internal auditing.

 Become a Certified Healthcare Internal Audit Professional to... 
  • prove your competency, skill and dedication to the healthcare internal auditing profession 
  • earn credibility and respect in your field
  • advance your career and create new professional opportunities
Application and Exam Cycles
  • CHIAP Application and Exam windows will be open twice a year with Spring and Fall Cycles.
    • Spring Cycle:
      • Application Window: February - March
      • Exam Window: April - May
    • Fall Cycle:
      • Application Window: August - September
      • Exam Window: October - November
  • The CHIAP exam is a competency-based exam, designed for professionals with at least 2 years of experience in healthcare internal auditing. Visit the Exam Preparation page for more information on the exam content.
  • Starting this fall, take the CHIAP® Certification Exam in the convenience of your own home or office with ONLINE proctored testing!
CHIAP Exam Discussion Group

Stay tuned for the official dates of the next offering of the CHIAP Exam DIscussion Groups. These 60-minute discussion groups will walk you through resources and approaches to apply as you prepare to study and sit for the CHIAP® exam, including the opportunity to interact with panelists who passed the exam as they share their experiences in preparing and sitting for the exam.  

Body of Knowledge Webinar Series

Back by high demand, this eight-part webinar series covers, at a high level, key points for topics included in the Body of Knowledge upon which the CHIAP exam is based.  It is not intended to teach to the exam, but to the AHIA Body of Knowledge of healthcare internal auditing. Learn More!


Review the Candidate Handbook prior to applying, to view all the CHIAP Certification Program Policies and Procedures.


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